A House I Did Not Get

I made an offer on a house a month or so ago! I did not get it:


I put in an offer of 25k over asking for this house (was willing to go up to 315k). Someone else was willing to go higher. [UPDATE: it sold for $335,500]. This was the first offer I’ve ever made and it was terrifying. I signed all the papers and then immediately felt sick.

This horrible feeling lasted on and off for the next two days. I considered withdrawing my offer, and did actually go with a lower escalation price. I called, texted, and emailed my realtor probably like 20 times. I had to go home early from work on the second day because I felt so terrible. I had mixed feelings of disappointment and relief when I heard the seller went with a different offer. I hear that this is a normal reaction.

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Disney 2018

My mom and I went to Disneyland last week and had so much fun!


We went on tons of rides (including our favorite ride the Guardians of the Galaxy mission breakout like 8 times), ate a bunch of food, drank a ton of beers, and just generally had the best time. I wish I was still there. We walked about 13 miles a day, 10 on our last day, so over our four days we practically did two marathons.

It was Pixar Fest so there was some special food and the pier has been re-themed, which was pretty neat. We liked the new Incredicoaster. We decided we weren’t mad about it changing from California Screamin’ (Mom’s old favorite ride).


Bugs Land is closing at the end of this summer so we made sure to do the Heimlich ride twice to say goodbye. It is our favorite Bugs Land ride (this pic is not the ride just a cute statue).


I go back in October with my friends Caitlin and Jordan for Halloween, I am so excited!

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Poland/Baltic Trip!

I am planning a trip with a co-worker to Poland and some small neighboring countries! I have never been to any of these places and am very excited. And, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are all turning 100 this year, which is neat.

Travel Time in one place
Fly to Helsinki, arrive morning


Most of a day, ferry departure mid-afternoon
Evening ferry to Estonia (Tallinn)

Sleep in Estonia

3 nights
Travel to Latvia (Riga) morning, arrive evening  2 nights
Travel to Lithuania (Vilnius)  2 nights
Travel to Gdansk 3 nights
Krakow  4 nights

Depart 11:50am, Arrive home 17:15pm

2 nights

It’s going to be along trip but I think we’ll have fun. We are going this Fall so hopefully all the busy Summer tourists will have gone home by then.

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House Hunting

I’ve looked at a few houses lately! It is stressful. Especially when you find one you really like, because what if there’s a better one that’s going to come on the market next week? Stressful.

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Santa Cruz

Day 3: We had a quiet morning at our Bnb and then headed out! We drove to Santa Cruz to…the Mystery Spot! I’ve been wanting to go forever!

It was very much like the Oregon Vortex. Seems like the same kind of phenomenon, balls rolling uphill, people standing straight at an angle, tall people getting short.

I actually liked it a bit more than the Oregon Vortex! It was a little more goofy, and didn’t take itself seriously. After that we went to the boardwalk and explored a bit, then we drove up the 9 through the mountains to the airport.

We got there pretty early, so now we are having drinks at the bar. It was a fun long weekend! I need to come down here more, it is so close and there’s so much to do!

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Big Sur Again!

Day Two of our fun CA adventure, we drove to Big Sur!

We started the day at Carmel by the sea where we walked down to the beach, got coffees, and groceries. Then we drove down highway 1 to Big Sur and hung out at a few bars and also a beach. It was very sunny and warm!

We drank canned wine. Yum.

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Day One of our trip was fun! I woke up agonizingly early and drove to Natalie’s so we could Uber to the airport, where I then had to wait in the TSA line for about 30 minutes. Sounds fun so far, right? But the plane ride was fine, I wasn’t sucked out a window and they gave both me and Natalie entire (small) bottles of prosecco for our mimosas.

The drive into Monterey was uneventful and pretty. And our Bnb is adorable!

It seems like it should be haunted.

We went to the aquarium after we checked in. I’ve been there twice before but it was Nat’s first time. It was cool. The jellyfish were my favorite thing. But I also really like the open water area with the tuna and sardines.

Natalie liked the cuttlefish.

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