Yosemite Day 2

Mom is in a slightly better mood today after a mediocre breakfast and a bike ride.


Today we rode bikes! I was the only person in the park wearing a helmet. Fear made me select a bike with a low seat so my feet would have no trouble reaching the ground should I need to bail quickly, but this turned out to be a terrible decision because it made actually riding the bike very difficult. My legs couldn’t extend fully which made peddling tiresome.


We rode to Mirror Lake which seemed more like a swamp than a lake, but had cool mountain views. Riding there was a bit uphill and a lot down hill, and strangely the ride back was also a lot down hill. Not sure how that happened but it was fortuitous.


Then we got sandwiches at the deli and went to Cathedral Beach. Natalie and I came here on our first full day in Yosemite. We waded out to a secluded part of the beach and had our chairs half way in the water and drank beers. It was a fun day. We did something similar this time, though my parents and I stayed on the main beach this time. And we only had two chairs so Dad mostly sat on a towel.


After siting for a bit and reading I looked down and noticed a snake in the water at my feet, with its head raised up staring at me. I screamed pretty loud.


About mckoznek

Thinking about going to art school. And traveling the world.
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