Three friends and I recently planned and executed a trip to Oklahoma to surprise our friend Gogarty for her 30th birthday!

It was really fun and a total surprise.  We were actually worried at first, because when we popped out in the living room she looked upset-surprised, and not happy-surprised. There was some crying and sitting down in shock. I guess that’s how you know it’s genuine though. And she recovered after like, five minutes.

It was a great trip! We all took Friday off and flew over together. We were all sitting in the same row which was really different, lately all the air travel I’ve been doing is for business, so I sit all alone and have to make small talk with other bored business travelers. Not this trip! I got to chill out with a friend who works for Boeing and talk about airplanes and cool stuff.

When we got there Gogarty’s husband Matt picked us up from the airport in a limo. He’d said he was going to get us in a hearse (he works at a funeral home) but I guess that fell through. The limo was cool though.

Then we surprised Gogs! She was so shocked! I honestly thought she had suspected something, we’ve been planning this for literally months and if I were Matt I definitely would have spilled the beans by the time we’d gotten there. But he hadn’t! I was impressed.


We ate a bunch of good food and the next day we went to the Fair and ate more good food. Special shout out to the Poncho Dogs.

It was a really great trip in general. It felt like being in high school again, just hanging out with friends all day, watching movies, playing cards and MASH, going out for food. Very relaxing. My friend Aquila said it best (I am paraphrasing): It’s awesome to know you have friends who are never going anywhere. And it’s true, we’ve all known each other since elementary or middle school, and we are really more like family at this point. I’m very lucky to have all of them.

Happy birthday Gogs!


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Thinking about going to art school. And traveling the world.
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