Puerto Rico (30th Birthday!)

It occurs to me that I haven’t said anything about my fun trip to Puerto Rico that I took this March!

My friend Nat and I went to Puerto Rico for our birthday. We have the same birthday, if that wasn’t obvious. Popular day apparently, I also share it with my Grandfather.

Without further ado, here are some random excerpts from my vacation journal!

Day 1: Flew to Atlanta…our hotel was creepy and people were running and laughing all night next to us. Airport Gypsies? Got maybe one hour of sleep.

Day 3: Nat drove us to Farajo. It took like an hour and was out in the middle of nowhere…went to our airbnb, made drinks, changed and walked to a beach. Lots of people there, turned out they were kayaking groups that had been bused in for the bio-luminescent bay! We tried to sneak into a group without signing up/paying (we had been drinking a fair amount) but our evil plan was discovered so we paid cash and got to go anyway. Kayaked through some awesome mangrove tunnels for a long time. It was hard work, very windy out in the open but once we got into the tunnels it was quieter. The luminescence was cool but faint.

Day 4: Drove to El Yunque rain forest in the morning. It was very rainy. Did some drives and then a long hike to El Yunque peak. It was so cloudy and rainy that we couldn’t really see anything except clouds, and we were essentially hiking through waterfalls/rivers the whole time (because the trail had flooded). But at least the constant rain kept the mosquitoes away!

el yunque

Day 5 (our birthday!): Drove to the Pork Highway in Guavate and ate at El Rancho Original. It was great! The ribs were very tasty and the pork (sawed off a whole pig) was super salty and good. The food on this trip has been great so far, so much pork and fried food and deliciousness. We also had pig skin but it was kind of too hard and there were some bristles still on it which…was not so appetizing.

Day 6: Took a looooong drive to Rincon. Ate at a great fish place for lunch – we had fish tacos and grouper skewers and mojitos then chilled on a surf beach for a couple hours. Then we drove 3 hours back to Jayuya to our airbnb. Got more then slightly lost on the twisty mountain roads and of course our phones/gps didn’t work. We ended up driving down this one super dark and scary road. We were both literally leaning forward in our seats white knuckling the steering wheel/dashboard as we crept down this terrifying one lane road in the pitch dark, since of course there were no street lights. We drove past a semi-truck that had crashed into a telephone pole that night. The pole and wires were down and draped across this giant truck that was partially blocking the road…it was crazy. But we made it back eventually and calmed our frazzled nerves with alcohol.

Day 7: Saw the Arecibo Observatory (a James Bond movie and also the film Contact shot there).


Day 8: Woke up and packed. It is so sunny! Nat did a run down the beach trail we walked last night. We ate breakfast at the airbnb, which was fresh eggs from the host’s chickens that he owns and tomatoes from his garden. Nat made a scramble out of them (so good!) and I did the dishes. Then we drove to San Juan and met our next airbnb host. She showed us the house which was small and cute but had no doors for either bedroom and the shower was in the kitchen. Also there was no AC =/. But that was fine! It was right on the water, and in a cute/scary part of old San Juan outside the city wall. Nat and I packed beach bags and returned the rental car, then met our friend Amber and her friend Vanessa and walked to Condado Beach. We rented chairs and had some drinks and chilled, and it was amazing. The waves were really big!

Day 9: Saw cool old fortresses!

Day 10: We did a walking tour from our travel book and stopped at a super fancy hotel (El Conventio) for breakfast. It used to be a convent! The food was delicious! The walking tour took us all over, we saw a cool church where Ponce de Leon is buried, and a cat sanctuary, and walked around to the port where the cruise ships come in. Near the port we had a snack at a cool cafeteria (cheese flan and a ham and swiss sandwich with powdered sugar). Then we walked a cool path around the city walls to Castille Morro (which is near our airbnb). For dinner we walked to La Guerita for tacos and margaritas. It was a good last night!

Day 11: The water was out for all of San Juan, but the airbnb owner let us shower at her other hotel (they had a backup water reserve I guess?). We had a leisurely breakfast then headed to the airport.

So yeah. Great trip! We were there 11 days and had a great time, ate great food and chilled on amazing beaches, and saw cool nature things. I’d totally go back but the flight is way too long.


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