I work in Communications Technology in the state of Washington at the moment, though recently I was trying desperately to be an artist; specifically, I wanted to go to art school to learn to be an animator so I could work for Pixar and make movies that make people happy. Like Kermit the Frog in the Muppet Movie, but less green. Possibly less talented. No less idealistic, though.

This blog was started because I wanted a place to put all my art, to help me get organized enough to send my portfolio out to art schools. It replaced my old blog, Andare Italia! which I started so family and friends could read about my adventures in Italy where I studied abroad during the Spring of my last year at university.

But life goes on and things change.

My art school dreams seem to have come to an end. While I will still take weekend classes here and there, I think I’m done with art degree programs now. And that’s too bad, because thinking I’ll never do something I wanted to do for a really long time is depressing. But I guess I could keep animating by myself as a hobby and end up with something like the Thief and the Cobbler in 20 years. That sounds depressing but really, I’m fine with this.

If I haven’t scared you away, enjoy the blog! Thanks for reading!


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