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Oh God, Art School – The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari

Look what I found on my hard drive! Old school work. So exciting. When I was at DigiPen for my one year of art school I took a couple film classes. Film was my favorite subject, aside from the hand-drawn … Continue reading

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Monster Clean Up

Lets revisit the past with another old draft post from my time at Digipen! This week was a clean-up assignment, meaning we took our teacher’s work, a 14 frame scene, and cleaned up the rough drawings, like make a solid … Continue reading

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Apples (and Bugs) and Old Blog Posts

I drew some apples awhile ago but I brightened them in Photoshop. And then I drew some bugs (these are all old BTW – this is a draft post from two years ago). I am going through my old drafts … Continue reading

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Painting (out of practice)

I painted this thing a while ago (an attempted copy of Van Gogh’s ‘Red Poppies and Daisies’): And I thought it was okay, but not at all like the original or super good or anything. So I decided to try … Continue reading

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Pics! Again.

It was our last field trip today for the camera class I’m taking. We went to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens to take pictures and here they are! This was our last field trip, so probs no more pics for awhile.

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More Photography

I took some pictures in Seattle the other day after an interview/lunch with my dad. Black and white photos just feel so artsy lol.

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I’m learning to use my digital slr camera completely in manual mode by taking a photography class with Marissa! It’s been fun so far, though I guess we’ve technically only had one class and a field trip. I was tricked … Continue reading

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