Yosemite 2016

Made it to Yosemite. We have driven over 1200 miles on our trip so far! So many miles! The car has been making a weird rattling noise since we started, I hope it doesn’t break down. Though, Yosemite wouldn’t be too terrible a place to be stuck in for awhile.

Mom doesn’t love our tent/cabin, but I think it’s adorable. Edit: Mom HATES our tent cabin.


We had a drink at the Majestic Yosemite Hotel (previously the Ahwahnee) after we checked in to our tent. We sat outside because the bar was under construction. Sadly, there was no food to be had since the restaurant was booked solid for dinner, so our only option at that location was candy from the sweet shop.


So, we piled in the car and drove to the Yosemite Valley Lodge (previously Yosemite Lodge) and got another beer at the Mountain Room Lounge, then dinner at the Mountain Room Restaurant. It was crazy crowded at the restaurant and Mom and Dad got slightly belligerent about our table location and the wait, but I was just happy to eat food.


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Big Sur

We drove to Carmel by the Sea and Big Sur on Saturday. Carmel was adorable and reminded me of Jackson, Wyoming, possibly because of the ridiculous number of art galleries.

Big Sur was fun, it was mostly roads on the edge of cliffs looking down at the water. Mom got nauseous at one point from the heights/curvy roads, but a beer soon put her to rights.

We had some drinks at the Nepenthe  (no idea how to pronounce that), a bar/restaurant on the edge of a cliff with a great view of a lot of the Big Sur coastline.

We only ended up driving down about a third of Big Sur. It was a nice stretch of road, very twisty and super crowded, and not much in the way of towns or anything. Interesting place.



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Cube News

And also, Grandpa was amazing and turned the light on for my Petcube!


So I have confirmation that Kiki  (pictured) and Archie (who I saw briefly but didn’t get a picture of) are alive! I feel much better now.

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We made it to Monterey yesterday! Our hotel is super nice. When we checked in, the clerk asked if we were on a family get away. I said, more like a family can’t get away! … I thought it was funny.

Today we went to the aquarium. Once again, the jellyfish were my favorite.




Tomorrow we will go to Big Sur,  then on to Yosemite!

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We drove 324 miles our first day. Today, our second day, we are at 560 miles and have stopped for a lunch break at Mt Shasta Brewing Company! It’s in a town called Weed, which is a little too delighted by its own name. They use the town name on everything. It’s cute though.


I got a cherry flavored Sour mixed with a Porter. I liked it but Mom and Dad kind of hated the combo. They are boring.

We still have quite a lot of driving left to do today before we get to Monteray (382 miles).

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I’m am Idiot!

So I bought a Petcube. I’ll update to include a link later, you should check them out because they are cool.

I got it with the idea that I’d use it to check in on the kitties while we were on our trip! So I bought it, set it up in the puuuurfect place, and we went on our trip.

And then, about when we got just past Seattle, I checked the Petcube on my phone, only to discover that I’d left the light off!

This is what I can see from the cube:



So disappointed in myself.

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Road Tripping!

I am going on another trip and will try to post about it, fulfilling this blog’s original intended purpose! Or rather this blogs previous iteration’s original intended purpose (I started blogging when I studied abroad in Italy).

My parents and I are going to Yosemite for a bit, with a stop in Monteray first. This continues our tradition of National Parks road trips. We’ve been to Yellowstone and the Redwoods previously, both of which were great.

I’ve actually already been to Yosemite, with Natalie in August 2012. It was fun! We drove all night in a stupid attempt to make the journey to California partly down the 101 and then gave up half way and got back on I-5, nearly doubling our trip time. I’m surprised we didn’t kill each other/ourselves. Regardless, I am excited to see it again!

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